Truly a servant to the clients that he represents

Attorney John Dunlap is certainly a cut above the rest! In my 31 years as a career woman, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many attorneys but in October 2019, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Attorney John Dunlap. I was going through one of the most distressing times in my life. I had just has a multilevel disc fusion on my back and my Long Term Disability insurance made the decision to stop paying me 2 weeks before my surgery in August 2019. I was left with zero income, bill collectors calling day and night and still trying to recover from a very difficult and painful surgery. I called Attorney Dunlap to see if he would file my appeal for me. He patiently listened to my situation and set up an appointment. When I got to his office, I didn’t have to wait to see him. He graciously met me at the door. Attorney Dunlap was extremely caring, compassionate, and empathetic. He was very humble and treated me with such respect. At no point was he consumed with outrageous fees or charges. His only concern was making sure that he could assist in making me a whole person again. At one point, I looked at his face and could feel the genuineness and love that he has for helping people. Tears began to stream down my face as I knew that I had made the right decision to work with Attorney Dunlap. He immediately went to work on my appeal and in 3 weeks, Attorney Dunlap had won my appeal and 2 days after that, my full back pay was deposited into my checking account. I could only throw up my hands and thank God for being so merciful and gracious and for the awesome and outstanding work of Attorney Dunlap. Attorney Dunlap is truly a servant to the clients that he represents. I thank him so much and will always remember his kind and loving spirit. I highly recommend Attorney Dunlap to any and everyone that is in need of Attorney services. He will always be my first choice!