Very professional and helped me understand my rights

I found John Dunlap’s website through a Google search. I was having great difficulty getting clear responses from the company I had been paying long term disability premiums to and wanted a lawyer to explain my rights and what I was entitled to under the law. I wrote a letter and submitted it via the contact link and he responded the next day. John Dunlap is very professional and helped me understand my rights as well as what I was entitled to regarding my disability income. More importantly, in very short order, my claim was approved and I finally received a clear statement of what benefits I would be receiving. John projects an air of confidence and professionalism and explains what a person should expect with the process and polices. John provided advice and insight on how to govern my self when attempting to acquire disability income. He worked hard to help me secure the necessary income I needed to live. I would recommend John Dunlap and his services to anyone needing disability income assistance.