What documents do I need to file Chapter 13

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Documents & Forms Needed for Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms and paperwork may seem intimidating at first, but understanding what you need and when may make the Chapter 13 process a smoother one. The reason that Chapter 13 may require various forms is because these documents are what help qualify someone for Chapter 13. Many of the forms given will include guidelines. There also may be documents that are needed to fulfill the repayment plan guidelines as well. 

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Some of the documents that may be required for Chapter 13 include:

Official Chapter 13 forms

There are official Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms that need to be filled out before and during the Chapter 13 process. While not all of the forms may need to be completed, depending on your case, forms that may be included are for individual debtors, non-individual debtors, meeting of creditors, and more. Here is a complete list of official bankruptcy forms that may be included. 

Repayment plan 

The repayment plan is an essential piece of documentation and form that will help to move the Chapter 13 process along. This will be done with a trustee. The repayment plan is a way to pay back your debts owed based off of your income.

Local forms

Some local bankruptcy courts may require that you provide additional documentation to them when filing for Chapter 13. Some local bankruptcy courts may not require forms but it is helpful to know that they may. 

Additional Documents 

It is important to note that while there are official documents that are necessary for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there are also additional documents that are needed for various reasons. Some of these additional documents may include: 

  • Income: Submitting your proof of income is a large part of the documents needed to file Chapter 13.  This can be W2 forms, social security, or other documents. Typically, you may have to submit your proof of income up to 60 days prior to filing.
  • Tax returns: Part of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms that are needed may include copies of tax return forms from the last four years. 
  • Expenses: A list of monthly expenses is something that may be required when filing for Chapter 13. These expenses may include rent, car payments, insurance payments, utilities, and more. You may also include things like travel expenses or monthly grocery expenses. 
  • Assets: In addition to expenses, you will have to include the assets that you own such as homes, cars, 401ks, and more. Anything that you own that has replacement value on it may be included in with some of the assets that you choose to list. 
  • Retirement: Whatever retirement accounts that you do have should also be included in Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms. You can show your retirement statements and give it to a trustee to include in the paperwork.
  • Debts: Another big part of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy documents includes your debts. You may include the debts that you have, whether they will be paid back in full or not, all are required. 

Although this list of information that may be needed before and during Chapter 13 is helpful, having an attorney that knows exactly what is to be expected can be beneficial. Contact John Dunlap today for a FREE 30 minute session to discuss your case. This may put you one step closer to becoming debt free in the future.