Dunlap to Teach Voir Dire and Jury Selection Course

Attorney John Dunlap will be teaching two courses on Voir Dire and Jury Selection for the National Business Institute on November 14, 2019. These courses are for attorneys who wish to learn more about the right strategies and steps to take during the jury selection process as well as what questions to ask.

Mr. Dunlap will be teaching two sections titles “Voir Dire and the Art of Asking the Right Questions” and “Jury Selection Strategy.” Both sections will be presented at the course in Memphis.

Mr. Dunlap’s sections cover the following:

    1:00 – 1:45, John E. Dunlap
    1. Who Goes First: Plaintiff or Defense? Strategy of Going First or Second
    2. Establishing Your Credibility and Building Trust
    3. Getting to Know Prospective Jurors
      1. Personality Types to Watch for and Use to Your Advantage
      2. Reading the Non-Verbals
    4. How to Conduct an Effective Group Interview
      1. Standard Questions to Always Ask
      2. Practical Tips for Question Construction
      3. Getting the Jurors Talking
      4. Simple Ways of Keeping Track of Which Juror Said What
      5. Preparing Jurors for Delicate/Unpleasant Aspects of the Case
      6. Getting Truthful Answers to Tough Questions
      7. How to Ask Questions When a Positive Answer May “Poison” the Entire Panel
      8. When to Ask Follow-Up Questions in Chambers
      9. Uncovering Biases that will Sink Your Case
    5. How and When to Object to Opposing Counsel’s Questions
    6. What NOT to Do in Voir Dire
    1:45 – 2:30, John E. Dunlap
    1. Identifying Whom to Strike
    2. Different Methods of Striking Jurors
    3. Peremptory Challenges – When and How to Use These Precious Few
    4. Understanding Opposing Counsel’s Striking Strategy
    5. Alternate Juror Selection

Attorneys who wish to register at the National Business Institute may do so and use the courses for CLE credits.


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