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John E. Dunlap has been serving clients in the Memphis area and across Tennessee since 1988. He is admitted to practice in the Eastern, Middle, and Western Federal District Courts in Tennessee, as well as the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

He is well-educated in many areas of the law, and has taught continuing-education courses to other attorneys on topics including bankruptcy laws and civil trial litigation.

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“I recommend John to anyone who needs help.” - Ben Manley

“First rate legal mind combined with a sympathetic compassion for his client’s legal predicament.” - Greg Nichols

“John E. Dunlap is honest and has great integrity and is one of the hardest working attorneys I have ever met.” - Cecilia Robilio

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Attorney John Dunlap has helped thousands of clients in the greater Memphis area for the last twenty years

John Dunlap has helped thousands of clients file for bankruptcy, successfully fight the Social Security Adminsitration, and get benefits from long term disability insurance ater denial.

Over the last twenty years, Mr. Dunlap has been recognized as an authority on bankruptcy and disability claims and has taught other attorneys across Tennessee about his pratice areas.

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