Thousands Die Waiting for Social Security Disability Appeals

More than 800,000 of Americans are waiting to receive payments from Social Security Disability Insurance and thousands of them die before they receive any money that they paid in to the system, according to a report from USA Today.

Many families are dependent on Social Security Disability Insurance and the death rates of those on the waiting lists keep rising. Some people having to wait for Social Security Disability Insurance are sinking in debt, while waiting to receive news about their claims. Moreover, those who are waiting long periods of time for their claim are being denied.

Applicants have the ability to appeal their denial. However, some are not making it to that point in the process. Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance can be difficult, but the waiting games can make it taxing. Having an attorney that will fight your case and work to getting it moved up on the waiting list is crucial.

John Dunlap has helped lots of clients successfully fight the Social Security Administration and obtain benefits from Social Security Disability Insurance. Mr. Dunlap may be able to decrease long waiting periods and assist with pushing hearings along. Call for a free twenty minute strategy session.

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