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What Are “Grid Rules”?

Proving that you’re disabled to the SSA might just be easier if you’re older, you have less work experience, and if you have less education. As such, if you are applying for social security disability (SSD) benefits in Memphis, TN, you may want to check out the SSD’s medical-vocational guidelines, also known as the “grid rules.”

In short, these rules are designed to help SSA employees better evaluate claimants, and by knowing these guidelines, you can have a better idea of whether or not you might qualify for benefits. However, these rules are not definitive, and it is advised to contact Memphis SSD lawyer John E. Dunlap before you apply.

Using over 20 years of SSD and LTD experience, lawyer Dunlap will work with you, one-on-one, to determine the strength of an SSD claim. Dunlap will also help you acquire the evidence you need to build a strong claim. For more information on the grid rules and a free consultation with lawyer Dunlap, feel free to call our Memphis law office at (901) 320-1603.

What are Memphis Medical-Vocational Guidelines

When evaluating an application for social security disability benefits, the SSA often uses a set of standardized rules to look through and assess medical information. The lesser known rules, as part of this evaluation, are known as the medical-vocational guidelines. Instead of focusing solely on documents from the hospital, physician reports, and so forth, these grid rules consider the applicant’s age, education, and working history.

For example, if you are older, the SSA knows that you may have greater difficulties finding a job with your disability. This is the same as if you had no work experience. It is essential to note that these grid rules will only apply if you have physical and/or mental limitations caused by your disability. It can help to check out the SSA listing of impairments (Blue Book) to see if your disability might qualify you for disability benefits.

Grid Rules for Memphis SSD Applicants

The Grid Rules are quite extensive, complex, and have the potential to apply to many situations. Sifting through these rules without the guidance of an experienced SSD lawyer may open up misinterpretation. In short, these rules are categorized into your capacity to work, based on:

  • Sedentary Work – defined as sitting six to eight hours a day, with the occasional lifting of up to 10 pounds
  • Light Work – defined as standing or walking six to eight hours a day, with lifting from 10 to 20 pounds occasionally
  • Medium Work – defined as standing or walking six to eight hours a day, with lifting from 25 to 50 pounds occasionally

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The medical-vocational guidelines ensure that all applicants are evaluated equally, especially with consideration to the applicant’s age, work history, and education. Often, the SSA considers these guidelines if your disability is not severe enough or doesn’t meet the SSA’s listing of impairments.

For more information on the grid rules and applying for SSD benefits, call Memphis lawyer John E Dunlap PC at (901) 320-1603. Free consultations are available.