What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

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The weight of being out of work and with little to no income can be heavy. If you have suffered a disability and are unable to work or provide for you or your family, you may feel lost or helpless. SSI may be able to provide you with a solution to meet your needs. 

SSI is a program made for people who are blind, disabled, or have little to no income due to their limited ability to work. It is a program administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and is funded through general taxes. SSI may provide those who qualify with monthly income to help them meet their basic needs such as food, clothes, and other necessities.

Unlike other programs, SSI is a means-based program that provides monthly checks to those who are blind, diasbled, elderly, or have little to no income. Additionally, SSI may be a solution for individuals that may not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). If you have never worked due to a disability or have not worked enough to receive SSDI, SSI may be a great solution for you and your family. 

You may be able to apply for SSI eligibility and benefits. However, the process may be overwhelming and you don’t have to do it alone. John Dunlap has been helping those who are disabled qualify for disability benefits for over 15 years. Having an attorney on your side may get you the help that you need. 

Do I qualify for SSI?

If you are looking to apply for SSI, there are some requirements that have to be met before proceeding. Because it is a means based test, your eligibility to receive SSI may first be based on your finances and income. Those who qualify for benefits include people who are: 

  • 65 years old or older
  • Blind
  • Disabled 
  • Have little to no income
  • A U.S. citizen

SSI process

If you think that you are eligible for SSI, you will have to go through the application process. You can start the SSI application process through the Social Security Administration, calling, or going to your local Social Security Office. 

You will be required to fill out specific documentation regarding your personal information like birth certificate, social security card, proof of income, proof of living, and more. You may also be asked to take a medical exam or bring existing medical records.

It is important to apply for SSI as soon as possible after a disability begins as the approval process can take months. If you have suffered a disability, are elderly, blind, or have little to no income due to a disability (including mental illnesses and learning disabilities), apply for SSI sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out on benefits. 

Once you make a visit or phone call about SSI, you have 60 days to fill out the application at no cost before you lose the opportunity to claim benefits. Don’t risk losing benefits that could help take care of you and your family. An experienced SSI lawyer or advocate may be able to help you file paperwork and application to make the process an easier one.

Does SSI include Medicaid?

If you have applied for SSI you may also qualify for Medicaid coverage. In most states individuals who are approved for SSI coverage will also automatically receive Medicaid as well. If you are eligible for Medicaid, the amount that you recieve is based on your income and assets. If you are covered under Medicaid through SSI, you are provided with a number of doctor’s visits and prescriptions each month. 

If you are looking to get Medicare under SSI, you may have to wait until age 65 before you qualify for Medicare. People who are 65 years old or older can file an uninsured Medicare claim that can help get them Medicare coverage. 

However, having an attorney by your side may make a difference in the medical filings that you make. We offer a free 20 minute strategy consultant to help you better understand the process of applying for SSI benefits.

What if I get denied for SSI?

If you apply for SSI benefits and get denied, there are steps that you can take that may get you the benefits that you deserve. If you have been denied, an attorney may be able to help you appeal the decision right away

Appealing a denied SSI case may get you the benefits you deserve while also stopping you from having to start the process all over again. An SSI attorney may be able to file the paperwork for you and fight for your case on your behalf. If you get denied, having an attorney appeal the case may work better and faster than trying to file an entirely new one. 

When an SSI case gets denied it could be due to various reasons. If you missed the deadline or made a mistake on your original SSI filing, you don’t have to start a new application over. Having an attorney help appeal your denial can save you time and get you your benefits faster rather than waiting to start the process over. 

You don’t have to take care of SSI alone. A Social Security Disability Lawyer may be able to help you win your case and claim the benefits that you deserve. 

John Dunlap has been working with SSI cases for over 15 years. He may be able to help you and your family. Call today for a free 20 minute consultation.