The Dangers Of Representing Yourself In Your Social Security Disability Case

Our office is sometimes approached by disability claimants who have handled their own Social Security claim and have received an unfavorable decision.  These people have waited months (sometimes years) for a hearing to be scheduled.  When appearing before the Administrative Law Judge they were unable to present adequate evidence supporting their inability to work.

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You need a lawyer to represent you in your Social Security disability claim because:

  • Our office will develop the theory to show the Administrative Law Judge exactly how and why you are disabled.  Our office understands the law, vocational issues and medical issues and are able to demonstrate how you are unable to sustain employment.  With more than two  decades of experience in handling claims for Social Security benefits we know how to develop theories in support of recoveries.  The danger of presenting your case without a theory is like not having a plan.  Without a theory, you are unprepared to prove your claim and risk receiving an unfavorable decision.
  • Our office will focus on the issues that are crucial to your case.  We recognize that every individual’s claim is unique.  Our office understands you and your specific medical and vocational issues.  We will focus on what will be the key issues in the case.  Failure to focus on the key issues in your case could result in the denial of benefits.
  • You must be a credible witness.  Our office will help you attempt to avoid the pitfalls so many unrepresented claimants fall into.  There is much you need to know about how to appear in front of a Federal Judge.  Your credibility and consistency are extremely important.  These are two of the most important criteria for many Judges and you will not find them written in the “five step sequential evaluation.”  Our office will assist you with these issues.
  • You will need to be prepared to cross-examine the vocational expert at your hearing.  The fact that the witnesses will be present at your hearing requires the lawyer to assist you.  Do not miscalculate the importance of your right to cross-examine a vocational expert.
  • Without a lawyer, you will not know the questions you will be asked at the hearing.  You will not know what to expect.  Our office will prepare you for all questions that may be asked of you at the hearing.  We anticipate the questions based on years of representing claimants in these hearings as well as our own personal knowledge of the judge assigned to hear your case.  The preparation appointment will help reduce your stress level and enable you to present as a more effective witness in your own claim.
  •  The Social Security Administrative has many deadlines.  Missing a deadline could require you to start the process all over.  You will lose retroactive benefits in the process.  Our office has systems in place to appeal your case before the deadline and protect your claim.  We will also seek to win your case by summarizing and briefing all medical and vocational issues to be presented to the Administrative Law Judge.
  • If our office fails to obtain a favorable decision, we will appeal the case up to the Appeals Council in Virginia and possibly file a federal court lawsuit on your behalf if necessary.

We hope the information on this page will help you regardless of where you are in the process.  If you have questions about your disability case please contact us at 901‑320‑1603.


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